Time Tracking

Initial situation

Tegonal is a small company. In our daily work routine, we are confronted with very different and varied work. Before the Time Tracking App, we recorded our working hours manually in a spreadsheet program. This was too confusing and too inaccurate for us.


All employees should be able to record their working times easily, regardless of where they work, and in real time.


With Time Tracking, we record our working times in real time using the start-stop function. Working times can also be recorded, changed or deleted retrospectively. If a new time booking is started during an ongoing one, the previous one is automatically terminated. Frequent bookings can be started with one click using templates.

The individual time bookings are identified with labels (tags). Based on these tags, the bookings are filtered and visualized. For example, the difference between the time worked so far and the daily target is displayed in a diagram for each employee. The filtered results can also be exported. Via the team view, each team member is also informed about who is currently working on which tasks.

Technologies used

AngularJS, Scala, Akka, MongoDB


We cultivate longstanding client relations and take delight in making our customers happy. We generate a great many ideas and implement some in our own software. This helps us grapple with new technologies and continuously further our know-how.

Client testimonials

«Tegonal has advised us for many years. The Tegonal team plans and implements our projects with much dedication and competence.»

Michel Stempfel, CEO, EXTRAMET AG

«We are working on our new client portal neo with Tegonal. The Tegonal team is able to keep a clear overview in the midst of this extremely complex environment, with its numerous peripheral systems and dependencies. The development process and the system architecture that has been set up take into account the requirements for data protection and reliability. We appreciate the professionalism and cheerfulness with which the project team members deal with our demands. We find the cooperation to be uncomplicated, reliable and pleasant and we would recommend Tegonal at any time.»

Thomas Stauffer, Geschäftsführer, Medics Labor AG

«Wir haben gemeinsam mit Tegonal unsere PhaenoNet App von Grund auf neu entwickelt. Es hat uns beeindruckt, wie kompetent, effizient und engagiert Tegonal das Maximum aus dem beschränkten Budget herausholte. Als besonders positiv erlebten wir auch das ehrliche Interesse an den Inhalten und am gemeinnützigen Ziel unserer App.»

Eric Wyss, Geschäftsführer GLOBE Schweiz

«For already many years, we had the pleasure of having Tegonal as a reliable partner for the design and implementation of our digitization processes.»

Mario Becker, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsleitung, BEWETEC AG

«I am extremely pleased to collaborate since years with passionate software engineers from Tegonal. Thanks to their deep engineering skills, they can be involved successfully in most of our awesome smart data projects, and in this manner support the digitalization vision at Swisscom.»

Sébastien Charnoz, Team Lead - BI and Big Data Delivery, Swisscom AG

«‹The guys from Tegonal will fix it.› Frankly put, this has been our unfussy, yet very professional experience for the last two years in our day-to-day work. A fast reaction time, high quality, and pragmatic approach to finding good and reliable solutions, as well as a major emphasis on customer care, characterize the Tegonal team. Their company size guarantees agility, the people warrant professionalism, and the know-how ensures sustainable results.»

Bernt Maulaz, Leiter Vermarktung, Verkauf, Kommunikation, HotellerieSuisse

«Das Tegonal Team unterstützt uns seit vielen Jahren beim Unterhalt und der Weiterentwicklung unseres Kundenportals. Wir schätzen an Tegonal das technische Knowhow sowie die angenehme und unkomplizierte Zusammenarbeit.»

Bernasconi, Head of IT, GPV Switzerland SA

«Der Verein soliTerre verwaltet mehr als 330 Gemüseabonnements in der Stadt Bern mit OpenOlitor, einer von Tegonal entwickelten OpenSource-Software. Wir schätzen die Tegonal-Entwickler ausserordentlich, weil sie sich für unseren Geschäftsalltag interessieren, uns zuhören, klärend wirken und wir so gemeinsam weiterkommen.»

Claudia Schreiber, Rechtsanwältin, Vorstandsmitglied des Vereins soliTerre

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