Metabase Teradata Driver for v0.43.x

On behalf of Swisscom we've been working on the Metabase Teradata Driver anew. Metabase is an open source business intelligence tool that comes with connectors for various data sources. The modularity of Metabase allows to extend it with community managed drivers next to many core data source connections.

Metbase Teradata Driver is published as a community managed driver. This is mainly because of the proprietary nature of Teradata. To be included in the core project would require that the related database can be accessed in a cloud based continous integration environment, and that for a reasonable price, so that automated tests can be executed against the driver implementation. This setup makes development more difficult, especially when adaptions to Metabase core refactorings have to be made.

The project can be found on GitHub. Released artifacts can be downloaded and have to be unzipped to the Metabase plugin directory together with the Teradata-JDBC-driver JAR. This project is our portal to the delightful language of Clojure.


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