Migration from Cloud Foundry to Jelastic

Since 2016 the CloudFoundry platform, offered by Swisscom, has been hosting some of our web applications. Lately, the number of failures have increased and we got the feeling that webhosting within Swisscom was slowly being pushed aside, or not prioritized.

When the quality of the services deteriorated last year, we began searching for a better match for hosting our web applications. Our feeling has now been confirmed: The cloud platform will be shut down at the end of November 2020. One of the most affected projects was OpenOlitor. OpenOlitor is an open source management platform that helps in the management of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) groups.

We didn't just want to migrate OpenOlitor to another platform, we wanted to use the opportunity for simplifying the operation of the application. Also, we wanted to make it easier for anyone interested to test and try out OpenOlitor on their own infrastructure while facilitating participation in future developments.

We approached these goals by packing the OpenOlitor components in Docker images and a customizable Docker-Compose configuration. We are now using this to deploy OpenOlitor on the Infomaniak's Jelastic Cloud. If you are interested in what you are reading, you can find more information on openolitor.org (at the moment only in German).

We are convinced that we have now found a good solution for the next few years and at the same time we have taken a step forward within the OpenOlitor project.


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