Tegonal speaks Kotlin

Due to the enrichment of Robert Stoll as new team member, we have increased our know how in the field of programming with Kotlin.

Kotlin shines over Java with new language features. On one hand they take over a lot of cumbersome work from the developer and on the other hand they allow to write more readable and safer code. At the latest since the inclusion as an official language for Android by Google in 2017, Kotlin has gained considerable attention. We are following closely its latest developments (e.g. in the native field) and support its evolution by reporting bugs as well as bringing in our ideas via feature requests.

Robert has contributed his assertion library Atrium to the Kotlin ecosystem. We are supporting this and other Kotlin open source projects with our expertise.

Would you like to switch to Kotlin? We are happy to offer you a hand to handle the changes efficiently. Either via individual or group training and workshops or via support in a project.


June 2022

Metabase Teradata Driver

Open Source driver for Metabase connecting to Teradata […]

June 2022

Tegonal Open Source Week: #2022/2

Keeping track of your To-Do’s […]

June 2022

Tegonal Open Source Week: #2022/1

Self hosted Workflow Automation with n8n […]

May 2022

New on PhaenoNet

document animal observations […]

November 2022

Lasius - Open Source time tracker for teams

Early-Adopters wanted!

September 2022

Manage files in one place

and distribute them via gget

July 2022

Tegonal becomes a cooperative

Everything stays the same

July 2022

Tegonal becomes a cooperative

Everything remains different

June 2022

Metabase Teradata Driver

Open Source driver for Metabase connecting to Teradata

June 2022

Tegonal Open Source Week: #2022/2

Keeping track of your To-Do’s

June 2022

Tegonal Open Source Week: #2022/1

Self hosted Workflow Automation with n8n

May 2022

New on PhaenoNet

document animal observations

May 2022

Tegonal collaboration with Open Food Network Switzerland

Another push to help local producers and initiatives

May 2022

Save the Date: Tegonal-Summer-Apéro takes place 30 June 2022

We are not waiting until next January!

February 2022

40% more baskets distributed in 2021!

With the help of OpenOlitor

January 2022

Supporting 17 projects!

As per holiday tradition Tegonal supports a number of projects and organizations

January 2022

We postpone the yearly Apéro to a moment later this year...

Our traditional gathering at the end of January

October 2021

Oliver Studer – Welcome to the Team!

Oliver Studer is a frontend developer and designer

September 2021

Another successfull collaboration

Tegonal worked together on the last months with EXTRAMET to release a digital solution for their order management system.

August 2021

Tegonal is looking for you!

We are looking for a new team member who shares the enthusiasm

June 2021

Sensekiste celebrates its 1st anniversary

Nearly 4000 boxes were delivered within one year with the help of OpenOlitor

February 2021

120000 baskets distributed via OpenOlitor!

In 2020 OpenOlitor was used for the successful delivery of more than 120000 baskets

January 2021

OSS Support 2020

Supporting 10 OpenSource projects!

October 2020

What about SwissCovid App and data protection?

Should you install the app on your smartphone? We think: Yes, definitely!

September 2020

Migration from Cloud Foundry to Jelastic

OpenOlitor on a new Cloud Platform

July 2020

DNS over TLS

Why we use DoT

June 2020

New partners

Fabian and Robert join the partner team of Tegonal

May 2020


PhaenoNet App online

February 2020

Tegonal at FOSDEM 2020

We presented OpenOlitor

December 2019

Financial Support for Open Source projects

We supported 10 projects

November 2019

15 Jahre Tegonal!

Wenn du es nicht einfach erklären kannst

August 2019

Scala Meetup Dotty

How to migrate to Scala 3.0, aka Dotty?

August 2019

Interested in Kotlin or Big Data Processing?

Tegonal at the CH Open Workshop Days 2019

July 2019

We support campaign 100-pro.ch

One day paternity leave? Not with us!

June 2019

Scala Days 2019

Since 2012, Tegonal has been using the programming language Scala

Mai 2019

Warum wir «CH Open» sponsern

Tegonal ist schon lange Mitglied und wir sind neu auch Sponsor

May 2019

Tegonal speaks Kotlin

Know how increase due to Robert Stoll

March 2019

Tegonal at FOSDEM 2019!

Exchange on Free Software and Networking

January 2019

Next Scala Meetup: LuceneRDD for Search and Entity Linkage

In this talk, the design and implementation of LuceneRDD for Apache Spark will be presented.

November 2018

Robert, welcome to Tegonal!

Robert Stoll is our newest team member

November 2018

OpenOlitor presentation at Bits & Bäume

Sunday 18th of November 2018 OpenOlitor will be presented at Bits & Bäume

September 2018

Scala Days 2018

Review Scala Days 2018

August 2018

Scala Meetup

Scala.JS concepts and hands-on

August 2018



Mai 2018

Pensionskasse: Anlagestrategie ist keine Geheimsache

Ethische, ökologische und transparente Anlagestrategie für unsere Vorsorgegelder

April 2018

Neue Webseite!

Nach fünf Jahren ein neues Design für unsere Webseite

April 2018

Scala Meetup: Traceable Data Entities with Spark 2.x

One of the most common abstraction for a big data platform is a “Data Lake”

Februar 2018

First Scala Meetup in Bern

Tegonal would like to invite you to the first Scala Meetup in Bern

Juni 2017

Not so Open Government

Neue Frameworks und Technologien werden oft mit Hilfe von kleinen Schulbeispielen

Juni 2017

R.I.P. jusearch!

Tegonal stellt die Rechtssuchmaschine ju§earch! ein.

März 2017

Mitgliederportal von OpenOlitor online

In der Regionalen Vertragslandwirtschaft (RVL) erhalten

Februar 2017

Tegonal unterstützt WE SHAPE TECH

Das Netzwerk von Frauen aus dem Technologiebereich trifft sich

Oktober 2016

OpenOlitor für Open Source Award nominiert

Am Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2016 findet die Verleihung des CH Open Source Awards

August 2016

Unser erstes komplettes Open Source Projekt: OpenOlitor

Mit OpenOlitor haben wir ein erstes OpenSource Projekt

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