Financial Support for 10 Open Source projects

During the past weeks our team members suggested Open Source Projects worth supporting.

Now we transferred some financial support to following 10 projects:

  • VideoLAN (A project not backed by a big player)
  • TVHeadend (TV backend with a small developer team)
  • Shotcut (Video editor)
  • FFmpeg (Audio/Video library)
  • Weblate (Internationalization matters and there are very few OSS plattforms for translations)
  • Open Privacy (Association founded by Sarah Jamie Lewis who brought the security issues of Postfinance evoting to public)
  • k9mail (email client for android)
  • ubport (One of the main OS alternatives to android. Cause we are tired of not having a cell phone alternative.
  • curl (Command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs)
  • Typelevel (Open Source, functional, modular and friendly Scala libraries)

Thanks to everyone working on Open Source solutions. Thanks for the creativity and energy!


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